Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, our business is Calibrating, Servicing, and Repair of Electrical /Electronic Test Instrumentation and Control Systems. Our Calibration Capability includes Electrical, Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, RF, Scales, Mechanical, and others. We offer one stop shopping - if we can't do it, we will find a suitable vendor and be responsible for all expediting and/or cross border issues.

Some major corporations with a national network of Field Service Representatives (FSRs) use Pulse Engineering LTD to provide Asset Management Services for their field Test and Measurement Equipment. They like us because our software can handle infinite "ship to" addresses, multi divisional cost allocation, tool ownership changes, and more. We can issue recall notifications direct to the FSR, stock and distribute loaner instruments if appropriate. Typically this service includes status reports for on time performance, incoming failure rates, and more.

We do onsite and "first on bench" verifications for customers that need better than 5 day turnaround.

Pulse Engineering LTD is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, We have been ISO 9001:2008 registered since 1994, and are ISO 17025:2005 compliant. Our Traceable Certificate includes a Test Data Report which typically shows manufacturing tolerances, but can be customised, to show customer specified tolerances or limited use test points.


Our calibration services can help you maintain your quality accreditation and eliminate costs due to using test equipment that is inaccurate.

Our repair service will extend the life of your equipment and keep it competitive

We resell new and used equipment - we'll get the right equipment for you

Asset Management
We provide asset and calibration management services for our largest customers.

Learn more in our Services Section.

             1137 Keewatin Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2X 2Z3 Tel (204)633-4321 Fax (204)697-2264

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