Our service offerings have been tuned to meet the needs of the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System. Our measurements are traceable to International Standards through NRC or NIST and include the incoming data on test data reports. (If the unit passes at incoming we assume the outgoing readings are identical). We verify that your instruments still comply with the published specifications. Our control systems assure that our test equipment is at least 4 times more accurate than the unit under test.

If the unit fails to meet the specifications we consider subsequent work to be repair. If the repair is not minor we will provide a quote for repair - once you approve, we would complete the repair, and document the passing test points on the test data report.

Is our basic calibration service not what you want? We haven't grown our business by telling customers how to run theirs - other variations are available as follows:

     Certificate only
     Certificate only unless instrument fails
     Certificate with adjustment to center of tolerance
     Certificate with incoming and outgoing readings where necessary (no parts replacement)
     Certificate with outgoing readings only (adjustment without parts replacement as needed)

For a one time fee, we custom design a test data form to your specifications, and our systems would assure we would use the identical form year after year. We can expand or reduce the tolerances, or pick specific parameters/ranges to meet your needs. You save $ over the long term by calibrating only what you need.

Our normal turnaround is 5 days and we have been 96% on time for the last 2 years (when we were late - our average days late were 1.5 days). For a premium, we offer first on bench services.

We provide on site calibration services - several customers prefer the minimal downtime that is achieved by having us at their location rather than sending their equipment to us.

We have a wide scope that covers many disciplines (see capabilities page). If we donít have the assets to do the job, we will find a subcontractor on your behalf.

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