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Agreement to become a reseller of Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) Hand Held Calibrators

PIE offers calibrators for RTD calibration, Thermocouple calibration, Milliamp (mA) calibration, Voltage calibration plus multifunction calibrators that are technician friendly. They are compact, easy to learn, simple to setup, accurate and made in the USA. PIE is the home of the only calibrators with patented Loop Diagnostic Technology! Use a PIECAL right out of the box, instead of wasting time learning to use more complex calibrators.

2014-11-01 New Equipment
HEISE Hand held PTE -2 Pressure calibrator with 0.025% accuracy sensor modules up to 5000 PSI

This new hand held calibrator with individual pneumatic sensors lets us measure from vacuum to 5000 PSIG/PSIA (gauge/absolute) with accuracies of 0.025%. This represents a 50% improvement in our accuracy capability and a 60% increase in our range capability. These improvements will improve turnaround on pressure gauges and sensors that we previously had to outsource on behalf of our customers.

2014-04-01 New Equipment
Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator

This all in one multifunction calibrator lets us source and read signals very accurately when we calibrate process control instruments in the field. This tool offers best capability for our customers when troubleshooting, calibrating and documenting the results.

2014-02-01 New Equipment
Fluke 5522A Multi-function Calibrator with a 1 GHz Oscilloscope option and Power Quality option.

This equipment will let us offer improved wattmeter calibrations as well as new services for high frequency (1 GHz) scopes, harmonics, and power quality analyzers. The Power Quality Option enables the 5522A to calibrate power quality instrumentation to the standards of the IEC and other regulatory agencies. This calibrator is an excellent backup for the bulk of work done by our Fluke 5700A calibrator. Now our turnaround performance will not be interrupted when a calibrator is sent out for a traceable calibration.

2014-01-28 New Equipment
IET Labs, Inc, 1000 pF Capacitance Standard, 1404-A

This world class capacitance reference standard was bought to take any ambiguity out of calibrating Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Bridges made by Multi-Amp Corporation (AVO / Ellis / Olman) models 810130 (CB100 / CB100D)

2013-02-08 New Equipment
Ross Engineering High Voltage Divider 40 kV (60kvpeak), ac/dc

This new high voltage station complements our 120 kV divider station that is used to calibrate dielectric testers (hipots). The new divider provides redundancy, and facilitates offsite high voltage calibrations to 40kV (60kvpeak), ac/dc.

2012-05-02 New Equipment
Fluke 1524 2 Channel Thermometer Readout

This high precision thermometer lets us bring lab accuracy temperature measurements to the field. The 2 channel capability allows side by side comparison calibration with fewer assets, and interfaces with PRTs, thermocouples and Thermistors. The unit accuracy represents a 40 % improvement in our accuracy capability - the readout can be as accurate as 0.002C for thermistors, 0.011C for PRTs, and 0.22C for thermocouples

2010-03-05 - Laminated Calibration Decals
The new software and label printers integrate with our data base to print the certificate number, calibration date, and next due calibration date, on laminated calibration decals, without any possibility of transposition errors. These new labels are long lasting, and easy to read, even in a harsh environment.

2008-05-02 - New Capability
Pulse Engineering Ltd. can now verify Doble Engineering Circuit Breaker Test Sets. We have the capability to test the Doble TR3100, Doble TR3400 and the Doble TDR9000.

The verifications include:

  • OCB Timing and Resistance Calibration
  • OCB rotary Transducer Calibration
  • OCB Linear Transducer Calibration
  • EHV Timing and Resistance Calibration
  • Aux timing Calibration

One of our utility customers was frustrated by the long turnarounds associated with cross border shipping. He asked us to develop a method and build fixtures to reduce down time. We developed this capability on a shared cost approach and it is very gratifying that our customer encouraged us to approach other utilities to offer this enhanced capability. We expect that some of the fixtures and programs will need further modifications to accommodate different brands and models, but we are looking forward to expanding into this new market.

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